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SENTINALCO is an absolute expert in manufacturing Denatonium Benzoate, bittering agents, alcohol denaturants and specialty chemicals.

We offer qualitative solutions that allow us to integrate and fulfill your quality procedures.

Please get to know us, our core offering, and do not hesitate to contact us.



  • Packaging. For liquids and solids we offer both standard solutions ranging from 1 L bottles to 1000 L containers to more custom packaging requirement.
  • Blending. We perform precise mixing of multiple components according your guidelines. The blends run from a few liters up to bulk volumes.
  • Technical advice. Expect up to date legal and technical advice with all our offerings.
  • Quality Control. We have of course all the necessary quality control measures in place. And for each order we provide a certificate of analysis
  • Logistics. Through the years we have built relations with a qualitative selection of transport companies working by air, road or sea. Still, according to your delivery specifications, we can recommand you the best ‘cost/delivery time’ options.